Saturday, August 17, 2013


sunnies - ray ban, top - h&m, bag - h&m, skirt - topshop & flats - asos

Hi superstars! Right now I'm at my mom's house after what feels like a 24 hour eating orgy. Last night's birthday dinner for my boyfriend was amazing, as well as today's birthday lunch for my grandma. It's her 83rd birthday today, but she only looks like 73, so, happy birthday grandma! We had the lunch at my mom's boyfriend's summer house, too bad the weather was a bit dull, as you can see in the picture. Now I'm looking forward to a girl's night with my sister, the last one until like Christmas, since we live so far apart because of our studies. Xxx

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  1. thanks a lot for your comment! I'd love to hear how you liked my berries&cream recipe :)

    xx, Julia