Wednesday, August 14, 2013


sunglasses - my sisters, top - brandy melville, pants - mary-kate & ashley for bikbok, bag - mulberry lily & flats - asos

Hi girls! I’m having the most fab day in Stockholm. This morning I met my friend Joanna for a day of shopping – five purchases later my feet are so tired! We stopped by at the newly opened Brandy Melville which I love to shop at when I travel, and it was actually not that more expensive compared to the euro. I picked up the top I’m wearing in the outfit there, love it. Now I’m ready for a girl’s night with my bestie Pauline and Denize. We’re going out for tapas, and I’m so excited to see them again! Almost 3 weeks without your bestie is too long! Xxx 


  1. Aw, I just read your "about me" section and I was instantly happy when I read "I'm a nursing student". Guess what? Me too!! :D Seriously, it feels so good to finally find a nursing student with a FASHION blog! I mean, all the fashion blogs I follow are from girls who are in marketing/ design/ communication and so on. And I'm not used to see girls from the health department running fashion blogs, so seeing a nursing student like me, just made my day!! I'm wondering if this makes any sense haha :) Anyways, about your outfit, let me just say that I love it from head to toe! I would totally wear it for a day of shopping as well :) Specially love your top! x

    1. aaw, thank you so much for your sweet comment! i've been noticing the same thing; there are no nursing students blogging out there! i've been looking for nursing students blogs before, but i never found any worth reading, so now i'm really happy that i found yours as well :)