Friday, November 15, 2013


sweater - h&m, shirt - zara, pants - h&m and boots - bianco

Hi girls! My blog has been pretty dead the last two weeks due to my lack of blog-inspiration. My three biggest reasons for no inspiration is 1) the weather - it's dark from 4 pm and raining all the time, bah. 2) My clinical rotation has started, which means wearing scrubs every day, and just something boring like tights and a t-shirt on my way to the hospital. 3) I'm saving all my money for New York so I can't buy anything interesting either. 

Anyway, I'm off today, so I seized the day and put on an outfit worth showing. Then I went out to lunch with Joanna, we had crepes, yummy. Now I'm spending the evening with my love; cooking and watching the new Grey's Anatomy. Xxx

Monday, October 28, 2013

clarisonic - follow up

Hi girls! I figured it was time for a follow up-post about my Clarisonic  since I've been using it for 3½ weeks now. It takes about three weeks for the skin cells to renew themself; therefore you should always try a facial product for three weeks before evaluating it. Anyway, I didn't really have a skin problem before I started using my Clarisonic, just a few small pores on my forehead. I won’t go as far as saying they're totally gone, but they have defiantly gotten a lot better. That's really the only big difference I can tell with my skin, so while a Clarisonic might not be life changing, I think it's defiantly worth it if you have a bigger skin problem. Xxx 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

friday's haunted house

lovisa as daenarys, best costume! 

pau as zombie nurse & me as the black widow

fanny & steve as mrs and mr corpse bride 

me & joanna as the evil queen from alice in wonderland

Saturday, October 26, 2013

the wait is over

Hi girls! Yesterday I attended a Halloween party, which was so much fun! I don't feel too good today though, haha. But something that made my morning soooo much better was that The Carrie Diaries season two started airing yesterday. I just love Lindsey Gort as Samantha; she seriously looks like a mini Kim Cattrall. Watching the show makes me even more excited for New York next summer, only 225 days left, haha. Xxx