Friday, November 15, 2013


sweater - h&m, shirt - zara, pants - h&m and boots - bianco

Hi girls! My blog has been pretty dead the last two weeks due to my lack of blog-inspiration. My three biggest reasons for no inspiration is 1) the weather - it's dark from 4 pm and raining all the time, bah. 2) My clinical rotation has started, which means wearing scrubs every day, and just something boring like tights and a t-shirt on my way to the hospital. 3) I'm saving all my money for New York so I can't buy anything interesting either. 

Anyway, I'm off today, so I seized the day and put on an outfit worth showing. Then I went out to lunch with Joanna, we had crepes, yummy. Now I'm spending the evening with my love; cooking and watching the new Grey's Anatomy. Xxx

Monday, October 28, 2013

clarisonic - follow up

Hi girls! I figured it was time for a follow up-post about my Clarisonic  since I've been using it for 3½ weeks now. It takes about three weeks for the skin cells to renew themself; therefore you should always try a facial product for three weeks before evaluating it. Anyway, I didn't really have a skin problem before I started using my Clarisonic, just a few small pores on my forehead. I won’t go as far as saying they're totally gone, but they have defiantly gotten a lot better. That's really the only big difference I can tell with my skin, so while a Clarisonic might not be life changing, I think it's defiantly worth it if you have a bigger skin problem. Xxx 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

friday's haunted house

lovisa as daenarys, best costume! 

pau as zombie nurse & me as the black widow

fanny & steve as mrs and mr corpse bride 

me & joanna as the evil queen from alice in wonderland

Saturday, October 26, 2013

the wait is over

Hi girls! Yesterday I attended a Halloween party, which was so much fun! I don't feel too good today though, haha. But something that made my morning soooo much better was that The Carrie Diaries season two started airing yesterday. I just love Lindsey Gort as Samantha; she seriously looks like a mini Kim Cattrall. Watching the show makes me even more excited for New York next summer, only 225 days left, haha. Xxx

Thursday, October 24, 2013


top - miss selfridge, jeans - 7 for all mankind & boots - topshop

Hi girls! This is what I'm wearing today, plus a coat, scarf and gloves of course. This top is another thing from Miss Selfridge that I picked up in London, love it :) My day so far has been spent in the clinical training center where we learned venipuncture. I love learning stuff like these; it really makes me feel closer to being a nurse. After a quick lunch with Fanny and Pauline, I went home to study. We have an exam tomorrow in handling of medical drugs. My plan for tonight is dinner with Pauline and Joanna, a perfect Thursday in other words. Xxx

Ps. My sister and I just booked tickets to see Taylor Swift in Berlin next year, so excited!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Hi girls! Don't you just love it when you receive a parcel, and have completely forgotten what's inside it? That was my case yesterday, haha, I think I've done a bit too much internet shopping these past weeks. Anyways, these three precious little light holders were what were inside the package. I got them from a Norwegian site called moolo; they have so many pretty things! Xxx

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

more london shopping

Hi girls! As my outfits these days are as boring as the October rain, I'll show more of what I bought in London. This top is from Miss Selfridges, and I've already used it four times since I bought it less than two weeks ago, haha. When I lived in England, I never went to Miss Selfridges, and now I seriously regret that. They have so many nice things; I wish they would come to Sweden. Xxx

Monday, October 21, 2013


Hi girls! This dress is another thing I picked up in London. It's from Topshop, although we have Topshop in Sweden it's sooo much cheaper in the UK, so I always go there. My only problem with this dress is how to wear it, since I don't really feel that it goes with tights. I can really picture wearing this in the summer though, so I guess I'll just have to wait seven months until it's warm here again, haha. How would you style this dress? Xxx

Sunday, October 20, 2013

new in

Hi girls! I did so much shopping in London that we actually managed to get overweight on our luggage, haha! But luckily we didn't have to pay extra :) One of the things I picked up was two new Essie nail polishes. I love Essie, but of course they're twice the English price in Sweden. This time I went for the colors 'Licorice' and 'Mint Candy Apple'. What do you think? Xxx

Saturday, October 19, 2013

back on track

Hi girls! I've kinda been off my game with the blog since I got back from London; I blame it on a lack of inspiration. But now I'm back :) So what's new in my life? 1) I've gotten my clinical placement, yay! In two weeks I'm off to the skin-plastic surgery-ear-nose-throat-ward for five weeks. After that I'll spend two weeks at the intensive care-ward, so excited! :) And 2) my boyfriend I got just got tickets to New York this summer. His parents are going, and asked us to come along :) So in June I'll spend eight days in New York, so excited! I've been there once before (unless you count like five lay-overs) but I'm so excited to go back :) Xxx

Monday, October 14, 2013

London part 2

Hi girls! Yesterday we started off the day with breakfast at granger & co, and it was so delicious! I can really recommend it. The rest if the day we were really cultural, with spending the am at the Churchill war rooms, and the pm at British museum. In the evening we went out to sappori sardi, and had some Italian :) now we're off to enjoy our last day here! Xxx

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Hi girls! I'm just checking in from London, we're having such a good time! We arrived yesterday at like 8.30 am, and yesterday was spent shopping at Miss Selfridges, forever 21, Victoria's Secret, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Selfridges. In the evening we had reservations at the opera tavern, and after that we headed to the Lyceum theatre to see the Lionking. It was so good, a must-see for my fellow musical lovers! 

Today we started the day with my b-day present: the chocolate ecstasy tout. It started with a hot chocolate and croissant at sketch, and then we stopped by Paul-a-young, and lots of other places to taste high quality chocolate. I can really recommend it! The afternoon was spent at the national science museum, since my boyfriend is a bit if a science-nut. They had two medical exhibitions so it was actually really interesting for me as well. Now we're just back from dinner, and are planning a night in, since we both have pretty bad colds. Let me just finish this post by saying that exploring a city with the love of your life is a completely different thing, I've been to London tons of times (since I spent a year living here), but this time it's even more amazing! :) xxx 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


scarf - gina tricot, coat - zara, top - miss selfridge, leather pants - hm, bag - mulbery bayswater & sneakers - chucks

Hi girls! This is what I'm sporting today, all black with a pop of red. I've spent my morning at Uni, learning about how to handle pharmaceutical drugs, really interesting! Now I'm home to have lunch, and then back for a lecture about counting pharmaceutical drugs, followed by neurologic nursing. Tonight I'm just staying at home with my boyfriend, wild guess is that we'll have popcorn and watch True Blood, haha. Xxx