Tuesday, October 8, 2013


scarf - gina tricot, coat - zara, top - miss selfridge, leather pants - hm, bag - mulbery bayswater & sneakers - chucks

Hi girls! This is what I'm sporting today, all black with a pop of red. I've spent my morning at Uni, learning about how to handle pharmaceutical drugs, really interesting! Now I'm home to have lunch, and then back for a lecture about counting pharmaceutical drugs, followed by neurologic nursing. Tonight I'm just staying at home with my boyfriend, wild guess is that we'll have popcorn and watch True Blood, haha. Xxx


  1. First pic is really stunning!!!
    love it!!!
    kisses pretty!

  2. I'm pretty much in love with your leather pants - I'm actually asking myself right now, why don't I own a single pair of leather pants?! What a fail! Anyways, you look extremely sweet in that picture :)