Friday, October 4, 2013


scarf - gina tricot, leather jacket - cubus, sunglasses - rayban, top - miss selfridge, skirt - nasty gal & chucks

Hi girls! Today I'm wearing the most Swedish outfit in the world, all black and white chucks (or converse as we call them here). Whenever I travel I think it's so easy to spot other Scandinavians just by the look of their white chucks, haha. Anyway, I spent my morning at the gym, and now I'm back from lunch. Natalie, Denize and I tried out a new place with amazing salads, I will definably come back! Then I did some shopping by self; cinnamon buns (it's cinnamon bun day here today) and the Clarisonic - I really hope it's worth the money. Then I also exchanged money, only one week to London! :) Xxx

1 comment:

  1. I have no idea this look was most swedish look but I like it. I had white chucks too :)

    xx Mira