Sunday, September 15, 2013

monica z

the real monica z in the 60's

Hi girls! Yesterday I went to see a new Swedish film called Monica Z. It was so good, I almost never cry at the movies, but this film really moved me. It's a true story about one of the biggest jazz-singers in Sweden, and her break-through in the early 60s. Since this is a fashion blog, I'll focus on the fashion in the movie; every new outfit gave me a serious craving! I just love the 60's style, so girly but still sophisticated and chic. It seriously makes me wish I was young then. Anyway, it was really hard to find outfit pics from the movie, but this is a little of what I found. Xxx

love the hair and coat

from now on I'll have red lips every day

she makes smoking look so cool (even though it's not!)

the actess vs the original

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