Wednesday, September 4, 2013


dress - bershka, mag - mulberry lily & wedges - aldo

Hi girls! Today was my second day of school which meant a lecture about immunological diseases, really interesting. Then I went by the supermarket to pick up my new blender, and some ingredients for a smoothie. I tried making an apple pie-smoothie which turned out so yummy :) Now I'm dressed to my teeth as you can see in the picture, the dress is another thing I picked up in Brighton. It was only £19.99, so cheap! The reason I’m so dressed up is that I'm attending a welcome dinner tonight. It's tradition in Sweden to "break in" the new students with a big dinner and then a party afterwards. I'm so excited, although I have an 8 am class tomorrow... Anyways, now I'm gonna bike over to Pau for a glass of wine before we head over the dinner. Have a fun night you guys! Xxx

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