Tuesday, September 3, 2013


sunnies - ray ban, top - miss selfridge, skirt - miss selfridge, bag - mulberry bayswater & flats - nelly

Hi girls! This is what I'm wearing today, on my first day back to school. I bought the top in Brighton two weeks ago and the skirt is also from England, since we don't have Miss Selfridge here. Anyway, before school I went to the gym, and at 15 I had my first lecture for the fall. My current course is called Medicine: Medical and Surgical Illnesses, and the first lecture was about blood diseases. Feels like I've forgotten so much over the summer! Now I'm home for a quickie; I'm putting on some make-up and fixing something to eat. The plan for tonight is a pub crawl which is part of the Orientation Program for the new students, which I'm a part of :) Xxx

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